The Cooperative

Mis à jour le 28 February 2014

Cooperative social purpose Terre-en-vue is an investment tool and citizen solidarity. It is the instrument of land Movement Terre-en-vue. It allows citizens and organizations willing to support its activities, to acquire shares, while making a risk-free investment that will produce social and environmental benefits.

Cooperative acquires farmland feeder to release land speculation, destructive patterns of agriculture and private property. It restores their status common good.

Cooperative says that farmland to farmers in order to help them settle and develop projects agroecological farming cooperative and respectful of the earth.

Cooperative relocates agricultural economy by putting priority units available to farmers enrolling in short circuits and systems of direct sales and local networks of farmers.

Cooperative creates new economic and social models based on mutual trust, friendliness and local autonomy in the context of regional solidarity, nationally and internationally.

Here are the articles of the cooperative:

Statuts de la coopérative Terre-en-vue

If you wish to subscribe for shares in the cooperative Terre-en-vue, simply fill in the admission document.

Formulaire de souscription pour les personnes physiques
Formulaire de souscription pour les personnes morales

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