The Movement

Mis à jour le 12 March 2013

Terre-en-vue brings together citizens, organizations and public actors who wish to facilitate access to land in Belgium [1]. Three organizations structure their activities: a non-profit association, a cooperative society with a social purpose and a foundation (under construction).

Movement was born in the Network for the Support of Agriculture Paysanne. Originally worn by a group is called "Group Dynamo", the movement was consolidated in October 2011 by the constitution of the association "Terre-en-vue" which gives the task of creating a cooperative society. Under the same name, the latter born in March 2012. A foundation will add to these two organizations. The three structures work in a complementary manner.

Movement Terre-en-vue is in an agricultural landscape in transition. Land grabbing, growth in land prices, market prices globalized food, inadequate legal frameworks to the current situation and other reasons make weekly 41 farms disappear in Belgium (16 in Wallonia ). With them, 62 farmer stop their activities.

To cope with various challenges, the Movement around organizations and experts. We draw on collaborative approaches as participatory and inclusive sociocracy and apply these methods also in the structure and internal governance of the various components of the Movement.


[1In Flanders collaborates with its Dutch for Land-In-Zicht